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Soccer, the world’s most popular game, is inevitably a reflection of life with all its passions, complexities, challenges and rewards. As such, it is an ideal vehicle to mold and shape young people. The two fundamental pillars of the game are technique (ball mastery) and decision-making (understanding of the game). Despite the impressive growth of soccer in the USA, too many young players fall in love with the beautiful game and develop aspirations of playing at a competitive level only to realize too late they have missed the critical golden age of skill acquisition.

GraspYouth Soccer is a unique and innovative program that uses the superb vehicle of soccer to develop young people. A conception and project of passion of renowned youth coach Sona Walla, GraspYouth Soccer is cutting-edge in its approach and focuses strongly on the critical golden age of skill acquisition. By grasping players early in the formative stage to teach them excellent technique, stellar decision-making and timeless life lessons, GraspYouth soccer empowers players to….. enjoy the game, affect the game and excel within it and life.

Coach Sona Walla is a premier and passionate development coach with extensive experience spanning over two decades in youth soccer in various capacities (Technical Director, Age Group Director, Head Coach, writer, consultant..). A USSF licensed coach, coach Sona Walla has a stellar track record of developing top young soccer talents, many of whom have gone on to compete at the US Youth National Team level, the collegiate level, as well as the professional level. He is an obsessive student of the game and also brings his rich and diverse international experience acquired from various studies and internships abroad at some of the world’s top youth development soccer clubs. He has also worked within the USSF Development Academy League, the top platform of youth soccer nationally. A well-traveled and evolutionary coach, he has initiated and developed many innovative programs such as ATP and its international competition component as well as his unique player-centered Futsal League to accelerate the development of young players. Coach Sona  cycles back via GraspYouth Soccer to teach and transmit his contagious passion for the beautiful game to young aspiring players in their critical formative years.

GraspYouth Soccer’s goal is to develop creative, independent-thinking and technically-excellent soccer players who can enjoy and affect the game. The cutting-edge training program centers on teaching excellent motor-skills, stellar decision-making and superb technique. Helping players grasp the challenging balance between individual and collective expression is also a key concept of the program. GraspYouth Soccer’s approach is fluid by design to prioritize individual player development. Its in-house local league format provides many benefits including:

– Facilitation of player movement to engage individual development by adjusting or accelerating the competition level of players when developmentally appropriate.

– Elimination of the tedious and time consuming long distance travel that is completely unnecessary for players in their early formative years.

FALL: 2 weekly training sessions + match on weekend (September – October)
WINTER: Weekly training sessions (January-February)
SPRING: 2 weekly training sessions + match on weekend (April – May)

* Supplemental training programs available to GraspYouth players to accelerate their development include:
Winter Futsal League and its innovative player-centered design.
> Advanced Training Program (ATP)  and its unique international travel & competition experience (available in appropriate age groups)
> Summer Camps

Sona Walla – Director of Soccer – GraspYouth Soccer, Boys Technical Director,

Mohan Telfer – Girls Technical Director,
Coach Mohan is currently the Maret Boys Varsity (MAC Champions 2012 & 2016) and Middle school Head Coach He also worked for the DC Stoddert  where he served as Girls Age Group Director 13-15 for over 10 years of experience working with players of varied levels. In 2016, he led the Stoddert Girls U13 Blue Metros to an undefeated VYSA State Cup campaign where the team finished with a record of 7-0. The victory was the first State Cup Champion trophy for Stoddert in over forty years. Coach Mohan was named Stoddert Travel Coach of the year, an honor that he also received in 2008. Additionally, he spent a number of years with the Darryl Gee Soccer Academy where he excelled in introducing the game to young players between the ages of 3 and 5. Coach Mohan holds a USSF “B” license.