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Africa: 2014 World Cup Qualifications – synopsis

By Sona Walla - November 11, 2013 With the bulk of their gifted players increasingly migrating away from the continent to ply their trade in top clubs all across the globe, African countries are finding that continuity in coaching in addition to their abundant football talent is now a key element for success at the national team level. Headed into the crucial return leg of the...
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Deconstructing tactics: Manuel Pelligrini

By Sona Walla - November 7, 2013 Manuel Pelligrini is considered one of the most astute tacticians operating in European football.. He began coaching in South America in his native Chile and then in Argentina where he managed popular club Boca Juniors before moving to Spain. There he acquired extensive experience with a number of clubs including European giants Real Madrid. It was however during his...
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