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Brazil World Cup Watch 2014: Early impressions

By Sona Walla Every four years the planet's football fans travel, gather and congregate wherever they are to be transfixed for a month by the cultural festival of football that is the World Cup. At its conclusion, a World Cup champion will be crowned but most importantly this rich and diverse football party will shed light on the game's new trends, unique cultural expressions and future...
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Deconstructing tactics: Real Madrid crush Bayern Munich 4-0 in Champions League semi-final

By Sona Walla - April 30th 2014 In our current ultra-rapid world where it seems all must be explained instantly and within the nanosecond, there is a troubling tendency to revert to sensationalism when searching for truth. But sensationalism and simplistic answers hardly help one understand the complexities and contradictions that tend to decide the outcome of a football match. Over time, I have come to find that...
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Why aren’t American players taken seriously in Europe

The recent return of Michael Bradley , often cited as the best active American player, from Italy's in-form Serie A  outfit Roma back to MLS club Toronto left many soccer fans puzzled. Although the repetitive line from much of the American press has been that of a hero returning home to a a lucrative contract he could not refuse to help boost the...
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