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World Cup Watch 2014: Brazil’s big scare in Belo Horizonte

By Sona Walla After a palpitating group stage that already left many fans gasping for air with three former World Cup winning sides Spain, England and Italy all eliminated, the round of 16 matches have brought little relief serving up an exciting Holland-Mexico that was decided in the dying seconds of regular time, a Brazil-Chili and a Costa Rica -Greece that both had to go to...
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Deconstructing tactics: Real Madrid crush Bayern Munich 4-0 in Champions League semi-final

By Sona Walla - April 30th 2014 In our current ultra-rapid world where it seems all must be explained instantly and within the nanosecond, there is a troubling tendency to revert to sensationalism when searching for truth. But sensationalism and simplistic answers hardly help one understand the complexities and contradictions that tend to decide the outcome of a football match. Over time, I have come to find that...
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